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About Us

We help artists make a living doing what they love

“Expression for

With creative endeavours and strong experience in marketing, a taste for the magnificence that lays in arts and stories: we bring Raconteur! located in bangalore, we create and deliver immersive brand experiences. Having followed multiple art festivals and having studying marketing campaigns and customer engagement programs, we resort to the needs and fine tastes of the audience. Raconteur is the powerhouse where immense solutions flow and new methods stay afloat. With intensive brain storming sessions, research and creative thinking, we let the consumer behaviour marvel under the influence of beautiful creations!

With the business environment shade so dynamic and possibilities versatile, we are the promise of your mind's eye and whims creation!

Our Mission

Painting stories and the essence of life using the paints of creativity and the strokes of reality to create, to cherish, to cheer Art as the light to life. Our massive team of skilled artists from all over the country drives to curate artful stories for a strong impact.

Our Vision

to be, and let others form the We. We aim to provide a new wind to regular marketing with emphasis on individual growth. We aim to become the best provider of conceptualised brand experience.

Our Values

Our Values Personify Our Identity, Work Culture, And Passion.


With complete visibility and the difficult to find easily Trust, we bring an Artsy Relationship


With inclusivity and acceptance silhouetted by compassion and respect, we are nothing less than the rainbow you were with pride, one pride

Equal Participation

An opportunity for growth in the river of equality, we let the motivation stay afloat.

Inclusive Growth

With combined efforts in togetherness: we flourish, for we flicker with individual growth and flash with lightning for you to marvel.